1. Do you offer languages other than what is listed in your website?

Ans: Yes, we can definitely support you with rare languages and customized needs.

2. What are the various modes through which you accept the payment and what are the payment terms?
: For International client: We accept payment through paypal, moneybookers or wire transfer. For smaller payments lesser than USD500 clients are requested to pay through paypal or moneybookers whereas for bigger payments wire transfer is the advisable mode. For Domestic clients: We accept payment through cheque, bank transfer or cash. Payment Terms: Our standard payment term is within 30 days from the date of receipt of the purchase order. For newer clients we insist on advance payment and for the orders having total value of more than USD 1000/ INR 50000 we need at least 50% payment in advance.

3. What are your rates for different services?
We offer highly competitive rates. Our prices are completely dependent on the language pair, volume and domain.

4. Does your company maintain confidentiality of the document?
Yes, we keep the documents under strict confidence. We share the project/document with the translators and the person who is responsible for the execution of task. All our translators and the peer team members sign the internal service level agreement with us for maintaining the privacy of the project. We protect your data against any unauthorized use and keep it under complete confidentiality until and unless the disclosure is required by regulatory authorities of law. You can completely rely on our services for the translation of your crucial and sensitive documents. We are open to sign NDA with our clients.

5. What are your quality measures?
Word Edge believes in providing high quality services. You can explore more about our quality procedure from below link
Quality Measure

6. I need the translated text within 12hrs or 24hrs can you provide express deliveries?
Yes, if the document is too urgent we can definitely provide express deliveries.

7. Can you certify/notarize my translated document?
Yes, certification and notarization is available on request.


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