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In today’s digital world, where the ambition and motto of every successful organization is to make lives easier for people with the help of digital technology, eBooks have a major contribution in today’s advanced as well as intellectually fast growing society. eBooks, e-libraries, web based trainings, computer based learning, interactivities, etc. has made reading and learning a lot easier as well as interesting for today’s generation. With the help of various e-reading devices such as iPad, Kindle, Nook and Kobo, now people do not have to spend hours searching in the library for their preferred books, journals and magazines and will not have any time bounds to do so. Now our readers can buy and read and keep any book of their choice online any time and any moment no matter wherever they are.

Wordedge completely understands the requirement for today’s and future generation and respects the value of time of an individual. We have the required proficiency in the eBook domain and the capability, skills and technology to transform any of your contents and reading materials in any language into digitized contents.

With a team of our expert professionals in the eBook domain which includes various designers, editors, programmers, keyboarding experts, proofreaders; we build a solid foundation for all of our client’s eBook creation process and thus by providing high quality and best standards in the market for our fast moving generation.

At Wordedge, we follow the complete process from data extracting, coding storyboarding, animation, implementing interactivities, content designing, layout designing, quality check including checking compatibility on various devices.

We ensure that you benefit in every way from the latest developments and specifications of the new eBook formats which will keep you ahead of the curve. We help numerous companies from various industries such as Banking, finance, legal, publishing, healthcare pharmaceuticals, IT, Telecom, education, media etc. to develop and produce high quality and profitable eBooks globally.

Below mentioned are a few of the many device platforms for which we develop various eBook files:

  • > iPad and iPhone
  • > Sony e-Reader
  • > Kindle (All Kindle Devices)
  • > Nook
  • > Kobo
  • > Samsung Galaxy Phones and Tablets
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