Word Edge is offering linguistic services in all Indian, Asian and European languages. Our services include:


In layman terms Translation can be described as a conversion of sentences from one language to another. But a professional expert can only know the fundamentals of translation where it is not only the conversion of a language, but also involves the inculcation of all the contextual and stylistic changes which is required to make the localized language more real and accurate. Translation means to adapt the text into the cultural understanding of the target users

There are numerous CAT tools which have made translation of millions of words possible with short turnaround time as well as ensures 100% consistency rate throughout the document and helps to create translation memory which can be used for the next translation round.

The biggest challenge of the language industry is to protect the language from machine translated output which generates poor, non contextual junk translation.

Word Edge understands all the nitty-gritty involved in the language localization and provides its client with a translation service which is high in quality and completely done by human translators who are natives.

Whether it is a book or a journal, magazine, pamphlets, brochure, document or even an entire website, we are proud to consider ourselves capable of translating any given item into any desired language. With the help of our expert and qualified team who are proficient in all the latest technologies, we are able to deliver the best quality work in the industry.



A translated content cannot be accurate if it doesn’t go through another eye of perfectionist. Proofreading/Editing helps to eliminate the errors which occur while doing the translation.

We provide you with the industry’s best professional linguist and assure you high quality editing and proofreading with a fast turnaround time and at affordable prices. So whether you have a manual, a report, memo, marketing materials, a book, a thesis, short story or even poetry, we would like to help you to save your precious time by taking care of all the minor details like style, citation, format, grammar thus by making your reading material stronger, clearer as well as more precise.



Interpretation has changed its dimensions in the global market. There are numerous techniques and devices evolved which has given interpretation a new arena in the linguistic market. The current market survey reveals that around 32% of the total language industry is captured by interpretation services. Numerous resources are moving to this lucrative area of working. Competition has exceeded so it’s quite crucial to choose right interpreter for your requirement.

A content interpreter brings his/her years of experience in bridging the gap between two different languages. We select interpreters through our stringent quality control procedures, so that you can get the service in which you can rely. Our interpreters have vast experience in different fields. We categorize interpreters based on their knowledge in specific domain and working experience. WORDEDGE is offering Simultaneous and Consecutive interpretation in most of the Indian, Asian and European languages. Currently our interpretation services are restricted to only INDIA.

Our specialized areas –

  • >Interpretation
  • >Business Meeting/Marketing Interpretation
  • >Media Interpretation
  • >Medical Interpretation
  • >Public Interpretation
  • >Technical Interpretation



We offer multilingual DTP services. Our team has vast experience in dealing with numerous DTP software’s like Quark Express, PageMaker, Illustrator, Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat, In-design, Excel, HTML and other leading graphic design/DTP software on Macintosh and Windows platforms. Each layout is resized and formatted to your original design for any material, including business cards, company reports, PowerPoint slides, training manuals, posters and multi-language brochures. Files can be saved in a variety of print-ready formats, including EPS outlines and Acrobat PDF.

It will be pleasure for us to discuss your customized need in detail to ensure the seamless and effortless delivery of even the most complex projects within the stipulated timeline.



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