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Word Edge is located in New DELHI (INDIA). We have a team of well qualified & finest translators, reviewers and network language leaders in all the languages in various domains like general, legal and technical. We possess strong knowledge on the stylistic, technical and technological aspects of the languages.

Our Team

We have an in house team of reviewers for Indian languages and a network of language leaders for other Asian and European languages. Our creative department is headed by team of highly skilled DTpier, Graphic designer and 3D artist. We have the capability to execute any project smoothly with 100% customer satisfaction.

All our translators translate only in to their native language in their specific domains. We select our translators through stringent quality control procedures and they are considered to be our biggest assets for fulfilling the language demand.

Our language experts are well versed with all the necessary tools and software which are commonly used for translation purpose. We make sure to keep ourselves technically updated with all the modern technologies which are being used today in the language industry.

Our Values

We are committed to service and dedicated to clients we are privileged to serve.

We make the satisfaction of our clients a priority by delivering our services with accuracy and ensuring that all jobs that we handle are kept confidential and secure.

We pride ourselves on providing what we believe is the ultimate in personal service combined with the business ethics, professionalism and friendliness which we see as the key to our current success and future development.


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